Nascent Star

Nascent Star

The above is an extract from Nascent Star the poem can be read in full on Wattpad:


The vale of rest

The Vale of Rest is published in the Pre-raphaelite society book, a collection of poems inspired by the Pre-raphaelite artists. The following is an extract from the poem written by JAJones. The book is available at:

The Vale of rest

Recount on me…from your perspective

This Vale of Rest, a fathomless scene?

A picture of awe frames the indebted captive

Transcend curious Amaranth your mine to wean:

Stand at the edge times eternal consign:

Prolific time guides every visitation,

This day broods in wistfulness design,

I through you set my sights, smitten contemplation:

The boundless liberty of the mind, faithful restorer,

Redeems summers gaze from a reclining sun

In the ascending evening: nights vapour

Overshadows the vale, submerge wholesome

The fascination like a subterranean pioneer;

Cleave the scene embed the shroud,

Atone sorrows clay to visionary clouds. (Extract by Jenny Amelia Jones)