Valentine reminisce

Valentine reminisce

Valentine Kiss


Oh! How love doth bay,
As moonlight strums the dawns ray,
In glory he doth glide,
The mackerel chased skies;
Winged feet in stride,
He flies, he flies
In mist we’ll sift:
To loves harmonic rift.
With the angels and the euphoric euphonic:
The prelude to throbbing love: their dower.
Indomitable spirits affray in the mating winds:
A force not to rescind,
Radiant in the shafts of heavens’ hues
They blaze and bask in divine dues
Engraved fates adorn heavens gates:
Ordained by God: a fixed mandate
Lips that lock in bliss:
Oh! Taste that immortal kiss!
Mealed vapours in tryst;
Seamless souls ride the erotic wave:
Tempestuous horizons, they brave

Extract from poem ‘Oh how love doth bay’ By Liza M Jones


Titian short and sweet

Titian short and sweet

JAJones poetry ‏@JennyAJones7
#titianpoem Actaeon inherit fortunes arrow/young blood solicit scene with eyes offend/Hunted to hunter graft/fasten fate to mute tongue flee

LizamarieJones ‏@LizamarieJones7
#titianpoem Rue the day! Actaeons 4bidden orbs hap upon gargaphie grove. Fie! Diana lour, Prey 2 devour,hounds bloodletin’ life blotten ebb


Sovereign Drift

Sovereign Drift
Sovereign Drift

The ways of nature to augment
The greater triumph of ascent
Radiates a vast conception: chaos
By primordial arrow tipped in Logos,
Mix a kernel of mans fate infinite date?
A wayfarers heart seeks a remote flame
Another man builds a preposterous claim
And weaves through the ruins the original curse:
Prospects rise by the profligate purse
And reclaims eternal clay for pay,

By Jenny Amelia Jones extract from Sovereign Drift photo of Holy Island Penrhos Nature Reserve