About us

Hi I’m Liza M Jones and my sister is Jenny A Jones we are poets based in Anglesey, Holy island. We write in traditional verse and also experiment within various forms of verse and subject area.  The beautiful surroundings of Holy Island have provided a rich tapestry for writing poetry: RS Thomas the great Welsh poet lived and worked here and produced a large volume of poetry based on his living and working experience of the area. The landscape of the area has been a source of inspiration throughout the ages providing work and a sense of place: the constancy of natures heritage has been a spiritual host throughout the ages, heroic lore glitters throughout this natural composition, the landscape horizon is our steadfast industry, our steadfast companion, our steadfast reserve, poetry we must conserve.

The natural environment is a legacy that the the entire community can engage in, a provision for everyman that embodies a heritage that has spanned generations. When this sense of place is questioned it is done so in stark terms: will it be here for future generations?

In 2011 our local Nature reserve in Holyhead ‘Penrhos’ was being proposed as a development site,  consequently this started a prolonged campaign to safeguard this open woodland. During this time Liza and I began to write Ecopoetry in addition to varied subject areas of poetry that we have written; the poetry and prose of the local area served to highlight the issue and also brought this beautiful landscape to the attention of a wider audience







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