Valentine reminisce

Valentine reminisce

Valentine Kiss


Oh! How love doth bay,
As moonlight strums the dawns ray,
In glory he doth glide,
The mackerel chased skies;
Winged feet in stride,
He flies, he flies
In mist we’ll sift:
To loves harmonic rift.
With the angels and the euphoric euphonic:
The prelude to throbbing love: their dower.
Indomitable spirits affray in the mating winds:
A force not to rescind,
Radiant in the shafts of heavens’ hues
They blaze and bask in divine dues
Engraved fates adorn heavens gates:
Ordained by God: a fixed mandate
Lips that lock in bliss:
Oh! Taste that immortal kiss!
Mealed vapours in tryst;
Seamless souls ride the erotic wave:
Tempestuous horizons, they brave

Extract from poem ‘Oh how love doth bay’ By Liza M Jones


Titian short and sweet

Titian short and sweet

JAJones poetry ‏@JennyAJones7
#titianpoem Actaeon inherit fortunes arrow/young blood solicit scene with eyes offend/Hunted to hunter graft/fasten fate to mute tongue flee

LizamarieJones ‏@LizamarieJones7
#titianpoem Rue the day! Actaeons 4bidden orbs hap upon gargaphie grove. Fie! Diana lour, Prey 2 devour,hounds bloodletin’ life blotten ebb

Dust Sinners


Edward Burne-Jones XXII With the Wind
The poem is based on an Edward Burne-Jones picture With the Wind, 1 of 38 pictures from the Flower Book. In this picture the artist has chosen to portray the story of Paolo and Francesca famed in Dante Aligheri’s The Divine Comedy. The young lovers spent eternity in Hells Second Circle because of their forbidden love. The artist used pastels and watercolour to create and explore his vivid imagination, with circular frames his technique allows for movement and flow that creates a perspective whereby the observer is drawn into the fantasy of the looking glass.

Dust Sinners

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind:”
Hosea 8:7. (King James Bible)

Love doth melt upon the tongue, where bodies silken
Break the seal and seep into one, we are dust sinners – deserved,
Living phials that mix the shades of love, ensouled token

To condemning lot, where death invades our bonded
Grains unashamed? Loves oppressive air exhaled above
The rage of Hell, vanities fame, vengeance wounded

By the tricksters sword that dyed vengeance upon my breast, wove
Rebel blood midst the eternal flame, where hearts
Unopposed swell together, to salt my wounds our wedding chamber betroth:

A vortex, together coiled, never to part,
In spreading circles our souls fled our native seal,
We draw deeper to our scene, sinking low: Thou art

Guilty! We fall to satiate the flame, fortunes wheel
Spins the whirring wind: our breath expired entwined
Above the fire that invades us sinners, unceasing above the heel

Where tears distil love within the whirlwind,
The light within forever conjuring the core of chaos, to predate
Our altered state to dark abyss, whirling column bind;

The condition of my first being creates
To dissolve and mix again our atoms, loves entity,
The timeless enchantment of our captive state:

Love, love, love pervades our unity,
Judgement renews our vows for eternity.

By Jenny Amelia Jones

The vale of rest

The Vale of Rest is published in the Pre-raphaelite society book, a collection of poems inspired by the Pre-raphaelite artists. The following is an extract from the poem written by JAJones. The book is available at:

The Vale of rest

Recount on me…from your perspective

This Vale of Rest, a fathomless scene?

A picture of awe frames the indebted captive

Transcend curious Amaranth your mine to wean:

Stand at the edge times eternal consign:

Prolific time guides every visitation,

This day broods in wistfulness design,

I through you set my sights, smitten contemplation:

The boundless liberty of the mind, faithful restorer,

Redeems summers gaze from a reclining sun

In the ascending evening: nights vapour

Overshadows the vale, submerge wholesome

The fascination like a subterranean pioneer;

Cleave the scene embed the shroud,

Atone sorrows clay to visionary clouds. (Extract by Jenny Amelia Jones)