Ministry in Ascension

Ministry in Ascension

Death have no covenant over me,
Eternal Son shepherd of divine grace,
By almighty trinity I will be
A mirror of the blameless face.

Eternal Son shepherd of divine grace,
The Holy seed of the trinity,
A mirror of the blameless face
Scribed in thy forehead eternity:

The Holy seed of the trinity,
To turn thee away from iniquities
Scribed in thy forehead eternity:
A seal of patient ministry,

To turn thee away from iniquities
For truth sake, immortality
A seal of patient ministry
Quickened thy flesh in majesty,

For truth sake, immortality
The father of lights,
Quickened thy flesh in majesty
With divine attributes of triunity,

The father of lights –
Begotten Lamb of Glory
With divine attributes of triunity,
Sacrificed by lips of shame to Calvary:

Begotten Lamb of Glory
The awe of Elysian flesh,
Sacrificed by lips of shame to Calvary
Hidden cross of the heart confess

The awe of Elysian flesh;
Lion of soul console,
Hidden cross of the heart confess
I partake in flesh and blood,

Lion of soul console;
Morning Star of salvation,
I partake in flesh and blood,
A disciple of his passion:

Morning Star of salvation,
By almighty trinity I will be
A disciple of his passion-
Death have no covenant over me.

By Jenny Amelia Jones


St Andrews Buckland Yew

St Andrews Buckland Yew

St Andrews Buckland Yew

The great yews council of tenants
Where roots divide the depths
Of every generation, a triumphant

Bed that binds mans footprint
In the pastures of time, divining
Heritage by generations that rent

Pockets of time from Gods acre, dividing
Roots that scribe through the terra,
As moving armies through the earth

Creating history within their flanks, era
Upon era mortality serves to clothe the reign
And swell the clod above and fear a

Prison below; the dark faithless abode
Of the Hecate dead, where death and rebirth
Are embodied in the yews heavy ode:

Dryad totem branch that lies next to death
And carries the spirit through the open door
Where earth primordial wraps the girth,

The great trunk thickens evermore,
Like the ever expanding universe,
Where dark conceives the light to fill the core.


Titian short and sweet

Titian short and sweet

JAJones poetry ‏@JennyAJones7
#titianpoem Actaeon inherit fortunes arrow/young blood solicit scene with eyes offend/Hunted to hunter graft/fasten fate to mute tongue flee

LizamarieJones ‏@LizamarieJones7
#titianpoem Rue the day! Actaeons 4bidden orbs hap upon gargaphie grove. Fie! Diana lour, Prey 2 devour,hounds bloodletin’ life blotten ebb


Sovereign Drift

Sovereign Drift
Sovereign Drift

The ways of nature to augment
The greater triumph of ascent
Radiates a vast conception: chaos
By primordial arrow tipped in Logos,
Mix a kernel of mans fate infinite date?
A wayfarers heart seeks a remote flame
Another man builds a preposterous claim
And weaves through the ruins the original curse:
Prospects rise by the profligate purse
And reclaims eternal clay for pay,

By Jenny Amelia Jones extract from Sovereign Drift photo of Holy Island Penrhos Nature Reserve


Robin Red Breast

Photo taken in Penrhos Nature Reserve on Fridays Snow filled day.

Robin Red Breast
The robin blessed by Christ, communicate
The steadfast that plucked the pain
From the Holy brow, an honoured breastplate;

A crimson flush, from cruel crown, dissipate
The Saviours blood to the bearers reign,
The robin blessed by Christ, communicate

A faithful servant among the masses to proliferate
The adornment of a most sacred gain,
From the Holy brow, an honoured breastplate

A chorus in nature to emanate
The message of the saviours’ pain,
The robin blessed by Christ communicate:

A glorious passion for Almighty fate,
Amongst his flock to maintain
From the holy brow, an honoured breastplate

For all creatures to congregate
Throughout the plains Gods’ terrain,
The robin blessed by Christ, communicate
From the Holy brow, an honoured breastplate.
by Jenny Jones

Dust Sinners


Edward Burne-Jones XXII With the Wind
The poem is based on an Edward Burne-Jones picture With the Wind, 1 of 38 pictures from the Flower Book. In this picture the artist has chosen to portray the story of Paolo and Francesca famed in Dante Aligheri’s The Divine Comedy. The young lovers spent eternity in Hells Second Circle because of their forbidden love. The artist used pastels and watercolour to create and explore his vivid imagination, with circular frames his technique allows for movement and flow that creates a perspective whereby the observer is drawn into the fantasy of the looking glass.

Dust Sinners

“For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind:”
Hosea 8:7. (King James Bible)

Love doth melt upon the tongue, where bodies silken
Break the seal and seep into one, we are dust sinners – deserved,
Living phials that mix the shades of love, ensouled token

To condemning lot, where death invades our bonded
Grains unashamed? Loves oppressive air exhaled above
The rage of Hell, vanities fame, vengeance wounded

By the tricksters sword that dyed vengeance upon my breast, wove
Rebel blood midst the eternal flame, where hearts
Unopposed swell together, to salt my wounds our wedding chamber betroth:

A vortex, together coiled, never to part,
In spreading circles our souls fled our native seal,
We draw deeper to our scene, sinking low: Thou art

Guilty! We fall to satiate the flame, fortunes wheel
Spins the whirring wind: our breath expired entwined
Above the fire that invades us sinners, unceasing above the heel

Where tears distil love within the whirlwind,
The light within forever conjuring the core of chaos, to predate
Our altered state to dark abyss, whirling column bind;

The condition of my first being creates
To dissolve and mix again our atoms, loves entity,
The timeless enchantment of our captive state:

Love, love, love pervades our unity,
Judgement renews our vows for eternity.

By Jenny Amelia Jones

Mist descending over Abrahams bosom toward Holyhead mountain

Holy Island ‘Ynys Cybi’, gave birth to our poetic toils.
The landscape tutored our minds
the seascape tutors the sage
from whence the earthly and Divine
mingle on the page,
made near perfect over the years:
Half truths; prick up your spiritual ears,
To process our thoughts through soul:
An infinite glimpse into the mysteries
Of the sacred dwelling place, promises
To harmonise
the Isle of Mon, Heaven and the pen
Paradise on earth surmise .. our treatise!
by Liza Jones