Oil painting of Penrhos ‘Scatter Woods’ by Jenny Amelia Jones

Oil painting of Penrhos 'Scatter Woods' by Jenny Amelia Jones

Scatter woods

The heart would were my thoughts unwalled,
Marry to dissolve in the swaddling scape,
Like sap from a tree, the vital spirit dipped

In honeycomb, play host to my lot
That I may reap the harvest in the eternal hour
And drench within to loosen the knot,

A keener joy distilled in the canopy
That draws my breath as if to replenish
The morning dew – resplendent in the tracery,

Rustling leaves mute the silence
And root my tangled feet among the trees
Where shadows espy semblance,

Altered in attendant nature I stood
To quench and dally – copious, to trance
The unbridled tread in the scatter woods,

Like an ancient eclipse that awes the sight
To multiply the plough by the sun and moon
A wooded scape unmasks the day from the night

And baptises the fettered mind into light, Breaking
Through the finest thread of natures original shroud.